About Me


My name is Murat and I am a LOTE (Language Other Than English) teacher in a non-government school called ILIM COLLEGE.  I finished my Diploma of Education in 2008 and since then I’m working as a LOTE teacher.

At the College, I am also undertaking the school image and promotions coordination. This coordination covers the school publications such as newsletter, magazine as well as school website and other promotional activities.  Beside my previous IT studies and personal interest in this aria since high school, I also have experience in editing, graphic design and other computer based publication duties.

Since technology based education is growing steadily around the globe, the change in education system is creating a big inequality in different part of the world, or even in different schools of the same country.

Considering the popularity of using technology among the new generation, using this method will help in delivering better education by engaging students as well as providing flexibility and opportunities for cost saving and enhanced learning opportunities for students.

Previously I had a research on using technology in teaching language and the findings of the research were clearly stated that using technology in language learning has an unquestionable affect on teaching and learning despite some constrains.

I am very keen on applying e-learning in my LOTE classes, but the lack of resources, the school policies about using social media at school and the socio-economic background of our students are some challenges that I should overcome in order to implement this method of education.

Blogs and Wikis are also very important parts of e-learning and hopefully I will learn how to use them as well as learning new methods of e-learning in education during this course.



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